Lutheran World Relief Coffee

Lutheran World Relief CoffeeAround the world, coffee and fellowship come together where we share community. A warm pot of coffee is often the centerpiece of fellowship hour, celebrations and other gatherings. As the second most heavily traded commodity in the world, coffee is a direct link between our community and farming communities in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Fair trade coffee is a simple solution that means the difference—quite literally—between surviving and not surviving for small-scale coffee farmers. Lutheran World Relief Fair Trade Coffee Project ensures that more of the money you spend on coffee reaches the farmers who actually grow it.

Yet the small farmers who grow our coffee often struggle just to make a simple living in some of the poorest countries in the world. Cut off from markets, they are forced to accept low prices. Without affordable credit, they become trapped in a cycle of debt. Many lack access to adequate housing, healthcare, education or even running water and electricity.

Equal ExchangeIn partnership with congregations and faith-based organizations such as Lutheran World Relief and the American Friends Service Committee, the Interfaith Coffee Program is a bridge between these communities and our own. By paying a fair price to the farmer, working with democratic cooperatives, offering affordable credit and supporting sustainable agriculture, we help these farmers build better lives. By serving Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Coffee, our community can also make a difference, sharing fellowship with our global neighbors as we help them to help themselves. You can purchase coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the church entry