Sept 9, 2018

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This is the home on which the we have been currently working on the roof. The couple live with an elderly mother in failing health. They were without electricity from September to May ( I complain when power is lost for 30 minutes).

Once power was reestablished the ceiling lights and fans did not work because of the water damage. The electricity is now accessible only from the wall outlets.

Repair of the roof begins with stripping off all materials to reach the concrete base. All lose material is power washed (see Alyson in photo below) or scraped off. Cracks, holes and other damage is patched with cement.

Finally two coats of 100% silicon is applied to the surface. One roof requires an average of 8-10 five gallon buckets, which cost $200 a piece.

On Monday, repairs will be completed and the sealant will be applied.


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