Sept 14, 2018

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As we have had the opportunity to return to San Juan on the weekends, we witness the contrast between the city and the countryside.

In San Juan, there is little evidence of the storm and the residents are trying to return to a sense of normalcy.
For Yabucoa the aftermath of the storm continues to have a daily impact. Electricity has not been restored to 40% of the community, and has been unreliable throughout the area.

The base for All Hands and Hearts is in the barrio of Martorell, the poorest in a poor city. Last week five suicides were reported in the area. Health care is difficult to access, which was witnessed by a team of our volunteers. Arriving at a work site the male resident was resting after an apparent heart attack. He lived alone, had no neighbors to provide help, and no means to get medical assistance.  Normalcy here is a day-to-day challenge of getting by.


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