Sept 23, 2018

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September 20th marked the one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria hitting Puerto Rico. Many residents of the Yabucoa community gathered for a time of remembrance, reflection, and renewal near the shoreline where the hurricane made landfall. The event, led by Yabucoa municipal leaders, included music, prayers, and speeches that described the resiliency and strength of the people.

I stood behind the woman in the pink shirt who sat with her head bowed for the entire event, a reminder of the loss that occurred and suffering that continues every day.

The “All Hands and Hearts” (AHAH) team was recognized for the work that has been done in the community. When asked by a New York Times reporter covering the event, “Why Yabucoa?” the AHAH Volunteer Engagement Coordinator explained it was selected for disaster recovery assistance because it had the greatest need. The presence of the volunteers has given the people assurance that they have not been forgotten and work is being done to help in the ongoing recovery effort.

This past week work was completed on the 200th roof repair since the end of January. However, the list for home repairs is long and requests continue to be received. Everyday new assessments are being completed to determine the need for future projects.

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