Sept 30, 2018

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I only worked on one roof from start to finish. The three stages include removal of old materials,  surface preparation which includes cement work, and finally sealing. So, several days were spent at one home.

(Completed roof with silicone sealant)

Each day the homeowner (pictured below on the left) was a representation of many others in the community expressing appreciation for the work being done. She welcomed us in the morning, provided coffee during breaks and prepared a home cooked lunch.


One afternoon her neighbor (in picture, known as “CNN” because she knew everything going on in the community) brought the afternoon coffee from her home across the street. Instead of disposable cups she served coffee in mugs she carried on a tray. Later she gave away the mugs decorated for Christmas to the three women on our team as a gift.

Following the serving of coffee she returned to her home and came back with old books prints in English. The books spanned a variety of topics, such as cooking recipes, gardening, financial planning and history. She wanted each of us to have one to be sure we each received a gift.

The spirit of the community was infectious in the ways so many people with so little could give us so much.

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