Prayer Requests

Newsletter list of names:

Harry Brink, Willie Bergren, Trent Blessing, Judy Burruel, Harold Bonde, Butch Burke, Sandy Carpentar, Carole Crain, Anne Decker, Wayne Eliason, Ellva Erickson, TJ Esco, Pam Gardner, Tom Gearhart, Rachel Grack, Gerre Graves, Harold and Peggy Hall, Darcy Hunter, Penny Jacobson, Dwight Jorgensen, Ron Jung, Tammy Kempke, Gertie Kenyon, Ruth Kramer, Gary and Bev Linafelter, Ken and Lois Morgan, Dick Mueser, Walt Neulieb, Red and Dede Parrish, Ruthann Raitter, Marcus Ramirez, Denise Shepard, Coby Snow, Julie Sternhagen, Linda Ward, Ski Wyrybkowski.

Military Service — Caleb Ball, Grant Davis, Ryan Harrison, Sean Harrison, CJ Squires.

Added names:  Marty Jones, Naomi and David Grobe, Jacquelynn Decker Regan, Iranice Tavares, Maria de Nazare, Michele Rios & Marcus de Souza Lima


Check back frequently for added names – new prayer requests.


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