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April 1

Pastor Pat Reed, our Call Committee synod contact, is hoping to have three candidates for us to interview sometime in April. The synod mobility team has one candidate. They want to send three names. Two others they reached out to that they believe meet our church’s profile will let them know after Easter if they want to be interviewed.

The Call Committee has met weekly; the most recent ones via Zoom. Since all the hour-long interviews will be done by Zoom, we want to make sure we are ready. We have questions that we believe will help identify a minister that will be best for our congregation. The committee will meet via Zoom right after each interview to discuss our individual impressions.

The two prior interns we had some requests to see if they had an interest in being interviewed declined. There was also another name submitted by a member of the congregation, but she just received a call so is not available. Please let me know if you have any questions as we continue this process in finding our next minister.

Kara K. Cooper
Call Committee chair



Call Process Fund:

March 28, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Have you ever been reading a book, or a paper, and some words just seemed to jump off of the page at you? Words that seemed to really strike home? A recent church bulletin’s Prayer of the Day had such words. The prayer began, “Holy God, through your Son you have called us to live faithfully, and act courageously.” Live faithfully, and act courageously! For a year now, all of us have had to live in ways that we have not been accustomed to doing. Because of the Covid virus, schools, churches and many businesses have been closed. These past months have not been good for anyone.

Our Christian faith, however, assures us, that though we may walk through the darkest valley, we need not have fear, for God is walking there with us. As God’s chosen people, we do try to lead faithful lives every day, but our human nature often causes us, to fall short on acting courageously during hard times.thermometer

Presently, we are in difficult times at Central Lutheran Church, from a financial perspective. For months we were unable to gather for worship, and while indoor worship services recently have been restored, social distancing, and fear of Covid, means attendance is less than in the past. Our Church is also in the Call Process, seeking a new pastor after Pastor Thom’s retirement a year ago. Aside from the normal operating expenses of the congregation, the expense of the Call Process is going to be significant. The congregation must assume the cost of moving the pastor here, from wherever he or she is presently living. In addition is the cost of salary and benefits. Beyond that, current offerings are not adequate, to fully pay a pastor’s salary and fringe benefits, during the even lower worship attendance in the summer ahead. While it is not possible to know what the costs will be, it could be as much as twenty thousand dollars to relocate the pastor and family, and to get us through the summer months.

Your Church Council is moving ahead, living faithfully, and acting courageously, for all that may lie ahead. With the help of the members and friends of Central Lutheran Church, our Lord God will see us through these times. Please pray about your partnership with Christ and his Church in this place. Is there a way, in which you might help, by being even more faithful and courageous than you already are? Your additional gifts may be made at worship, by mail to the Arizona City Post Office Box 677, or by credit card or PayPal on the Church website. Please designate your gifts to the “Call Process Expense Fund”. Whatever the amount that you are able to give, will help, and be greatly appreciated.

Yours in Christ’s service, and for The Church Council of Central Lutheran Church,

John Donovan, Member of the Congregation


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