Mutual Ministry

Mutual Ministry

The Mutual Ministry Team’s main purpose is to improve the communication between the congregation members of Central Lutheran Church, the pastor and the lay leadership. The primary purpose of the team will be to address any concerns, issues, conflicts that have been communicated by the congregation. In addressing these concerns, the team would review any and all issues being expressed for accuracy versus one person’s opinion. Once the issues have been reviewed by the team and considered appropriate, they would then be presented to the Church Council for resolution and corrective action. The Mutual Ministry Team will seek ways for the pastor, lay leaders and the congregation to work together for the good of Central Lutheran Church.

The team will use the Mutual Ministry Handbook by Bishop Robert Driesen. The congregation is also encouraged to use this book as a basis of how to deal with conflict and how to relate to the mutual ministry team.

The following are the members of the Mutual Ministry Team and their email addresses.

·     Jerry Edwardson – Casa Grande

·     Dell Hoff – Arizona City

·     Myrna Horner – Casa Grande

We are currently looking for one more member of the congregation to serve on the team. If you are interested in serving on the team, please contact Pastor Doug or myself for additional information.

God’s Blessings,

Steve Gal, Council, Vice President