What to expect

We have two sites we worship at. See below for virtual tours and still shots.

Casa Grande Virtual Tour

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For some Still Shots, Click Here

Arizona City Virtual Tour

Church Building Fellowship Hall

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You Are Welcome

  • At both sites of Central Lutheran, we strive to eliminate ism's. No matter who you are, how you identify your sexuality, where you have worshiped before, how you dress, it is all okay here. Give us a try and you will be welcomed, come!


  • We serve communion on each Sunday. Everyone is welcome to communion, no matter age or normal denomination you might attend.
  • Communion is served in individual cups. Both wine and grape juice are served. There is gluten free always available.


  • In Arizona City, there is fellowship following worship.
  • In Casa Grande, come early and have some fellowship time and stay after.


  • There are television screens where the worship is displayed from. The entire liturgy will be displayed on the screen.

Service Times

  • Our services run about an hour long. Pastor then goes from Arizona City to Casa Grande to lead service.

Service Type

  • We have a blended service of Hymns and more contemporary music.


  • Although we have no Sunday School at this time, the children are encouraged to come and sit in the front row. At the Casa Grande site, there is a Praygound for the children. Kids size table with toys.

Church App

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